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Electrical Panels in Murrieta, CA

Electrical Panel Repair & Installation in Riverside County

The electric current flowing through your home is controlled by your electrical panel. Your lights, appliances, and electronics will operate when you need them if you keep it in good working order. Keep your family safe and comfortable by repairing your damaged or aging electric panel as soon as possible.

Your electrical panel is the core of your system by dispersing power to the different circuits in your home. If it breaks or malfunctions, you need a quick repair to return to your routine. Trust The Faith Electric Group, Inc. for electrical panels in Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee, and surrounding areas. Don’t put yourself at risk with do-it-yourself repairs; our team of licensed professionals will identify the root of the problem and provide repair or replacement options that meet your needs. 

Trust our expert electricians for quality, comprehensive electrical panel repairs and upgrades. Contact us today at (951) 447-8395 for a free quote!

Repair or Replace Your Panel

Choosing when to upgrade your electrical panel can be difficult, but frequent repairs can become costly.

It’s time to upgrade if:

  • It’s 25+ years old: The average lifespan of a panel is 25-40 years, but don’t wait to replace your panel until you have problems. Safety regulations improve constantly, and an older panel might not meet these requirements. Prevent an electrical fire by replacing your panel.
  • Lights flicker or dim when using other appliances: This is a sign you’re drawing too much power on one circuit. We can evaluate your system to add more circuits or replace your panel to handle more energy usage.
  • The panel is warm: A warm or burning smell from your panel is a sign the wires behind it are damaged or exposed. Call for repair quickly to prevent a fire. Our team will inspect the wiring and replace the panel.
  • You need more outlets: Your electrical panel may be able to handle more circuits. If you’re often using extension cords for your appliances, call our team to determine if your panel can take more circuits and install outlets. If your panel can’t accommodate more circuits, it may be time to upgrade.

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Using Electrical Subpanels

A subpanel is a smaller version of your main service panel that distributes power to a specific area in your home. Subpanels are often used for garages, sheds, and Accessory dwelling units (ADU). 

There are many advantages to subpanels, including:

  • Convenience: Circuit breakers will occasionally trip in a workshop or ADU. Resetting them is much easier from the workshop than in the main service panel. A subpanel also allows you to add additional circuits that can’t fit on your main panel.
  • Lower construction costs: A subpanel can save time and money during construction by reducing the number of wires running back to the main panel, requiring less material and labor to save you money.
  • Energy efficiency: By shortening the distance between wiring runs, you lower the voltage drop that happens over longer distances. This makes your home more energy-efficient and can save you money with less power loss.
  • ADUs: If you’re considering adding an ADU to your home or property, a subpanel can manage your electrical needs. If you’re considering renting your ADU, it might be challenging to split the utility bills if you’re on the same system. A separate subpanel makes renting easier with different electrical costs for your rental. 

What Electrical Panel Problems Should You Look Out For?

Overcrowding. Make sure that your electrical panel is neither underpowered nor overcrowded in order to maintain safety. For modern homes, electricians recommend 200-amp panels instead of standard 100-amp panels. Upgrade to a larger panel if you need more circuits.

  • Corrosion. Ensure that your electrical panel is free of corrosion by checking regularly. Moisture or humidity can cause corrosion to occur. Get a trained professional to assess the damage if you see corrosion or rust stains on any part of your electrical system.
  • Overfusing. Overfusing occurs when a load-carrying wire is too small for the fuse or breaker that it is connected to. The circuit breaker won't trip when overloaded when overfusing occurs. As a result of this problem, there is a great risk of electrical fire.
  • Handle ties missing or damaged. The handle ties connect the breaker switches on a 2-pole breaker. Only handle ties should connect these breaker switches, and if the handle switches are missing or damaged, they must be replaced quickly.

The Faith Electric Group, Inc. provides comprehensive electrical panels in Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee, and surrounding areas. We want to treat you like family by providing service without shortcuts.

Keep your family safe with an updated electrical panel you can trust. Call us today at (951) 447-8395 for a free quote!

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