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The Faith Electric Group is not your ordinary local residential and commercial company. We are a family owned company that values our people, our customers, our certifications, and our reputation. Certifications enable us to help even more people.

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Inspired by family, we offer our specialized services to residential projects. We provide prompt, professional electrical repairs and maintenance to local homeowners.

Having a safe and efficient build is our number one priority at Faith Electric. We work closely with contractors of custom homes to ensure that the electrical meets safety and fire code while providing complete functionality.

Our team specializes in multi-family apartment and condo buildings. We recognize the unique challenge that these buildings present, and our team of qualified professionals works seamlessly on these larger-scale jobs.

Commercial buildings have a different set of needs and requirements than residential properties. With decades-long history in commercial work, our technicians ensure a timely, efficient install.

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Licensed Professionals

Faith Electric works diligently to hire the most qualified, talented technicians. Our team is licensed to provide the service you need.

Quality Assured

We prioritize long standing relationships with our clients. We ensure that all of our work is respectful and functional while providing an exceptional customer experience.

Upfront Pricing

We value transparency through all levels of the transaction. We provide upfront pricing, so you can plan accordingly.



Our technicians approach every project with the necessary skills and training to successfully start and complete any project. We are in-and-out of any size project; whether the project is residential or commercial. That is who we are. To learn more about Faith Electric, click on the Learn More button.

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We have worked on a variety of different projects, including residential, commercial, and multi-family. Using modern technologies and techniques, our team always completes projects on schedule and within budget.



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